KanBan Boards

Kanban boards are an essential tool for managing workflows and visualizing progress in both personal and professional settings. They help teams track tasks and prioritize work, enabling efficient collaboration and timely delivery of projects. By providing a clear and organized overview of the work in progress, Kanban boards can improve productivity, reduce waste, and enhance communication among team members.

Unlimited Boards

Every project in Micronet / vibe projects comes with a section called Tasks. Tasks are grouped together in boards.

You can create unlimited Kanban boards in the project. A kanban board typically looks like the image. Each board has lists and lists have task in them. Each task can be assigned to project member/s. Task can come with labels, description and other fields.

You can setup capabilities on who can create a board, who can create a task in the board, who can complete the task.

Board Filters

You can filter board tasks based on their due date, assigned members. You can also filter based displayed cards based on

  • Card labels
  • Card status
  • Card completion
  • Card Due date
  • Card Title
  • Unlisted Tasks

Realtime collaboration